Original ravens Edit

It all started on 5/31/10 when Stephanie-Ravens copied the bunker by Poms and renamed it "the fort". She then became the most hated creator in LittleBigPlanet. She then proceeded to copy the bunker 2 and called it "the fort 2" on 7/12/10. After the worst was thought to be over Ravens started hacking and even got the beta bug blaster and the rare prize crown.

Influence Edit

The influence on other players was so powerful that it became hard to find a level on the cool page that wasn't copied. The most hated Ravens follower was Latin_Player_10. Ravens was moderated sometime in 2012.

The cult of hackro Edit

The cult of hackro was a SR loving group that was made up of hackers trying to destroy LittleBigPlanet. They failed thanks to LBP2-and-a-half moderating the cult leader.

Dandrose Edit

The newest piece of the saga is the evil Dandrose who copies levels but has the glitching skills of GM7. He now is the main antagonist of the community and the arch enemy of LBP2-and-a-half. He is the most evil of all community antagonists being inappropriate by doing things like making a GM7 costume and giving it a penis, swearing ect.

Stephanie-Raven's returnsEdit

Dandrose let out the secret a few days after coming to lbp that he was retraining lbp satan AKA Stephanie-Ravens. Now SR is picking on glitchers and others and is mainly trying to harm Rum5000's profile.