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History Edit

LBP2-and-a-half is a player of LittleBigPlanet 2 and the creator of this wiki. He first arrived in LittleBigPlanet 2 in 2012 on an alternate account and moved to his current profile on April 17th 2014. He is now creating an in game spin off of LittleBigPlanet 2 named after himself. The story of his spin off takes place sometime after sackboy beat The Negativatron and fighting The Newton. He is the arch enemy of Dandrose and the cult of hackro. He is going to The Battle Of The Flaming Pod where he may rest forever.

Conflicts and fights with DandroseEdit

First fightEdit

In late July LBP2 1/2 was joined by a player named Dandrose . Upon arrival in the pod Dandrose placed missles it killing LBP2 and forcing him to reset his data. 

Second fightEdit

The next fight was the one of the worst. Dandrose had hacked into LBP2's pod and placed down a nuke. This was terrible as the whole pod was destroyed cuasing several errors. Other fights seemed small.

Battle of the Flaming PodEdit

  • In this twelve minute long fight, LBP2 finally was able to hacked a nuke into Dandrose 's flaming pod. Dandrose rage quited and was never heard from again.

Dandrose and other enemysEdit

Dandrose                                                                                                   M0dders_United-Edit

Dandrose first fought                                                                                                   Modders was really a frenemy of LBP2 1/2. Modders and 

Danrose 1
                                                                                  LBP2 1/2 played together but in the end, LBP2 1/2 

LBP2 1/2 during late July                                                 moderated him and they nether played again.    

and they fought until late 

September. They have fought a total                                               
Sol 2

M0dders_United-'s profile pic

of 7 different wars, 4 won by Dandrose 

and 3 by LBP2 1/2 and LBP2 1/2 won The Battle of The Flaming Pod.


Stephanie and LBP2 1/2 didn't play much but they still are at a silent war. No one knows what is going on

and no one might never.   
Ux 2

Her -_-

Appearance Edit

LBP2-and-a-half has white skin, hair like nathan drake and the beard like that of Boris the animal from MIB. He wears a T-shirt and cap with his signature sticker on them. He also wears pink trainers and black pants. He also wears different T-shirts every month.

trivia Edit

  1. The first LBP2-and-a-half published level was created on and alternate account and copied on to his current account.
  2. He knows what Dandroses face looks like under his mask.
  3. Since he is friends with Steven Isbell he is one of the highest members of the lbp caste system.
  4. He is a member of the royal order of the great accounts.
  5. His costume is based off of Spaff from Mm.
  6. His trainers are pink to contrast with the white text letters and to add some color to his costume.